Cleo Capital Presents: From 10 To 20

Cleo From 10–20 Behind The Scenes Video

Julia Collins, Founder & CEO — Planet FWD

Julia Collins by Ashley Batz

Elizabeth Weil, Venture Capitalist

Elizabeth Weil by Ashley Batz

Falon Fatemi, Founder & CEO — Node

Falon Fatemi by Ashley Batz

Heidi Zak, Founder & Co-CEO — ThirdLove

Heidi Zak by Ashley Batz

Ligaya Tichy, Founder — Wild Child

Ligaya Tichy founder of Wild Child by Ashley Batz for Cleo Capital
Ligaya Tichy by Ashley Batz

Melody McCloskey, Founder & CEO — StyleSeat

Melody McCloskey, with daughter Amara by Ashley Batz

Paola Santana, Founder & CEO — Social Glass

Paola Santana by Ashley Batz

Shruti Gandhi, Founder & General Partner — Array Ventures

Shruti Gandhi, Founder & General Partner — Array Ventures by Ashley Batz for Cleo Capital
Shruti Gandhi by Ashley Batz

Steph Lampkin, Founder & CEO — Blendoor

Steph Lampkin by Ashley Batz

Sterling Witzke, Partner — Winklevoss Capital

Sterling Witzke by Ashley Batz

Sarah Kunst, Founder & Managing Director — Cleo Capital

Sarah Kunst by Ashley Batz



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Cleo Capital

We are an early stage VC fund backing exceptional founders at the preseed & seed stages. @SarahKunst is our Managing Director. Pitch us at