ARIES SZN: A Birthday Benefit

All images by Gabrielle Mérite

For many people, Aries Season(March 20-April 19) is when we celebrate our birthdays with our loved ones. But this year, instead of partying, the entire world is pausing and we’re fighting like hell to prevent an invisible enemy from taking the lives of those we love the most. Our birthday celebrations, it turns out, can wait.

But what can’t wait are the housekeepers, bartenders, ride share drivers, small business owners and low income children. Those who have seen their schools close, jobs dry up & establishments shutter as their tenuous grip on the American Dream has shaken loose. Our country, our way of life, is at the greatest risk we’ve ever seen and while we can hope the government will do their job, we can’t wait to see what happens in Washington. We need to act now.

So if you’re skipping your birthday festivities this year, instead of asking friends & family to spend on a dinner or drinks, ask them to donate to Feeding America, an incredible, trustworthy charity that supports food banks all over the country. Please consider donating directly and posting any of the graphics highlighting the impact of school closing on children’s hunger to Instagram stories or Facebook. You can utilize the donation tools on those platforms to have your followers join in and donate to an incredibly worthy cause. We can’t easily treat or cure the virus, but we can support those who are most financially vulnerable.

Access all images & sample copy for emailing friends and posting on social media HERE

Special thanks to Venice, CA based designer extraordinaire Gab Merite for donating the amazing graphics.

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